What is Waist Trainer?

Waist trainer is a corset which helps to slim down your waistline. This garment is perfect for women who want to reshape the body and create an hourglass figure. Of course, it is not “a magical pill”, rather just a tool as most of the sports equipment. A waist trainer combined with healthy eating habits and regular workout routine will help you to achieve the body you want.

How often should I wear my waist trainer?

It is recommended to wear a waist trainer for 1 – 3 hrs. a day for the first few days and slowly move week by week up to 8 – 10 hrs. Do not rush and give your body time to adjust.

Which waist trainer is the best out there?

Nowadays, there are many brands on the market and it feels like choices are endless. From our experience, the effectiveness and durability of 99% of them are really low. That is why we established our company, to create a perfection at the best possible price. We can guarantee the quality of Brazilian Lux Waist Trainers. However, you maybe be lucky with other brands as well but chances are really slim with lots of tries and errors.

When will I see results?

You will see an instant change from the first time you wear it. But to get really great and sustainable results, you will have to use the waist trainer consistently for 30 days. With each wear you will see the improvement, just do not stop and keep moving toward your ultimate goal.

Can I achieve Kim Kardashian waistline?

Yes, if you will be using Brazilian Lux waist trainer consistency and combine it with a particular workout. We would recommend concentrating on hips so you get a higher waist to hip ratio. So a waist trainer will help you to get slimmer waist while working out on your butt will enhance its curve.

What size should I order?

You have to follow our size chart. Just measure your waist and check which size will fit you best. You can always message or email us if you need a help and not sure which one to get. In the packages, we put free extenders which also help you to perfectly fit and adjust your waist trainer.

I bought too tight or too large waist trainer. What shall I do?

All Brazilian Lux Waist Trainers come with a free extender which you can use it to make it bigger. If you bought a bigger one, then do not worry just contact us and we will exchange it for free.

How do I wash my waist trainer?

We recommend to handwash your waist trainer with the temperature, not more than 30º. However, most of our clients wash it in the washing machine and we never heard any complains. Just make sure you keep the temperature as low as possible, put handwash program and use suitable powder. Do not bleach this item and also if you got sensitive skin make sure the washing powder will not irritate it.

Is this really going to help me?

Yes, if you will be consistent with using it. A waist trainer is like any sports equipment, it definitely helps but it will not do miracles without your effort. You still need to eat healthy to have the weight you desire. As well as, if you want muscles and definition, you have to workout regularly.

Can I sleep in my waist trainer?

Better to concentrate on relaxing your body and mind during the sleep. So theoretically you can but it will not lead to better waist results. Just wear it during the day and especially while you are working out, this will really make a difference.

Do you have waist trainers for men?

Unfortunately, we do not sell waist trainers for men. We specialize in woman’s waist training, carefully studying different body types and materials to keep our product at the best quality in a particular niche.

Can I wear it during my workout?

Yes, you can. It is actually a super beneficial and speeds up fat burn like crazy. Waist training during cardio is amazing and will help you to lose a few inches right away. It will be mainly water, so be prepared to have a super wet waist trainer. Also, it is perfect for those who like weight lifting. Brazilian Lux Waist Trainer will support and protects your back from injuries. Women who train with waist trainers usually buys a few of them so they can switch between them while washing one. We do not recommend to use a waist trainer during yoga, pilates or stretching sessions as it may resist the natural movements of your body.