Brazilian Lux was created to make women more beautiful and to support them. So we will be more than happy to share a big portion of our income with those who want to earn and ready to work for it. This opportunity allows you to have extra income from part-time affiliate marketing and perfect for

  • Students from 18 yo
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Housewives
  • Women who are just looking for a part-time job to get extra income

We have two packages for the affiliate program.

1. Earn $5 per sale – Affiliate

This an entree option for anyone who would like to be our affiliate. At this stage you will be sharing content you like in your social media. Also, you can post it on our pages. We will also help you with any questions for content creation and editing. You can be in this position as much as you want or transfer to brand ambassador after getting more than 100 sales per month.

Sales: 0-100 per month

Math: $5×20=$100 just from selling 20 pieces you get $100, and if you sell a hundred, your extra income will be $5×100= $500

2. Earn $10 per sale – Brand Ambassador

This option is available to sellers who have sold more than 100 products last month and are willing to be more involved with our community. You will be in charge of producing short articles and videos. At this stage, you will be a brand ambassador and an influential leader, the face of our brand.

Sales: 101-1,000 per month

Math: $10×100=$1,000 just from selling this small amount through your social media. Then $10×500=$5,000 when you get to this you can consider quitting your full-time job if you had one. Once you get to here $10×1,000=$10,000 you can support not only your family but to buy a real estate every year :)))


Benefits besides an extra income

  • You will be a part of the fast-growing community
  • Have a chance to change and contribute to other lives
  • Have an opportunity to grow with us and be more involved if you like
  • Share your ideas, thoughts, and creativity
  • Write fun articles, do videos and share it with friends
  • Get lots of insides on social media, photo and video editing
  • Participate in Brazilian Lux events & free travels

If you are passionate about Brazilian Lux shapewear, do not hesitate to contact us. To apply for the program, email us at

You will be given an exclusive coupon code so we track your sales. Founds transfer will be on the 30th of every month. Plus, 1-5 business days which will depend on your bank. We totally transparent company so if you get any questions or would like to see who purchased from you, the info will be provided within 24 hrs. We take all risks and expenses on us but still ready to share more than a half of our profit just to contribute to as many lives as possible.