The 30 Days Challange. Update Day 15

Today I am doing an update as promised of the 30 Days Challenge for Waist Training and Healthy Lifestyle. It is the middle of the journey and to be honest I wasn’t so perfect at doing it but nevertheless, I got fabulous results. Maybe you can do a much better job following it at 100% and get even more amazing results. Sometimes I think I am not hard enough on myself but we all learning.

Fist of all my weight dropped from 59.0 to 56.6 (2.4 kg in 15 days). The funny thing, I honestly ate everything that I wanted. I didn’t limit my orders in restaurants or really forbid something to myself. In general, I just love healthy food but if all my family is going for ice-cream or a burger, I am in :))). The magic of this slow and steady weight loss is in the intermittent fasting. Eating only two times a day made my insulin super stable and I had no cravings for anything. This lead to a natural weight loss and super clear beautiful skin.

Second, my waistline size dropped from 71 cm to 67 cm. I was thrilled seeing that and give full credit to my waist trainer. Because even when I used to be 54 kg (2 years ago) my waist was all the time 68 cm for as long as I remember myself. And now being 56.6 with 67 cm waist created hourglass shape.

Third, my body got much more fit and strong. I am doing workouts 5 times a week 10-30 min. Usually, I train outside or at home. There are lots of great videos on YouTube so no excuse that you don’t have membership in the gym or an outfit. Plus, I do yoga 2 times a week, on weekends mostly or after a flight. All these got me in much better shape than I used to have during the summer. So happy with my little transformation.


The journal you see below contains my super honest entries. You can notice that I had plenty of unperfect days and only in the last 5 days, I really started to come closer to ideal. This challenge already gave me so much in terms of understanding. I thought that I worked out regularly and ate good, but once I was obliged to record everything I saw all the flows. So slowly I started to correct them. Having a plan is a fabulous thing no matter what you are doing. If your goal to lose weight, I do recommend to go for 30 Days Challenge. You can use this one (I leave it for printing out below) or create one of your own or download on the internet the one that you like. Last but not least, my final goal is much higher than what I probably will achieve but lets see what will happen in the 2nd part of the 30 Days Challenge. Maybe the next 15 days I put all my willpower together and do it even better. Please, write in the comments below about your experiences of doing some challenges.

The 30 Days Challenge  -Free Download

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