Fruits Make Me Fat

Many people who are trying to lose weight are afraid of fruits. They think it can negatively impact their fat burn due to the high amount of sugar in these sweet delights. I partially agree and partially disagree. I think it is all about what to compare to and the amounts we are talking about.

First, if you will be comparing fruits with any processed food, even vegan proceeded staff, fruits win. There are lots of vitamins, antioxidants, purest and cleanest water. Somehow they give us lots of energy and vitality. I am sure you can recall when you eat a piece of meat or other heavy procced meal, it makes you tired and slippy, but when you eat a fruit, you feel active and productive. So for those who are looking to remove something from the diet, you should consider proceeded food, especially with added sugar or any other sweetener, then meat, dairy and limit fish consumption.

Seconds, the number of sweet fruits you can eat should be also taken into consideration. I know many things about fructose and that it can negatively impact our body compared to simple sugar. However, if eaten in reasonable amounts, not more than 30 g of sugar a day, can only bring health and vitality. I was doing a Fruitarian diet for 2 months as a Detox Challenge so I can speak from the experiences. Fruits will make you happy, healthy and skinny. Of course, if you already messed up with the health and got lots of allergies, you have to consult your doctor. For other people, fruits can only add plenty of benefits.

Last but not least, fruits are not only sweet ones. Fruits are the ovaries of the trees with seeds inside. Therefore, avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, and etc. considered to be fruits as well. This is just to tease your brain and brake some common misconceptions.

So do not blame fruits for your excessive weight, I can assure you if you were eating fruits only, you would be skinny already. Blame the other food what was marketed to you in a grocery store. The sad thing is that nature does not advertise or pitch you its goods, only the commercial processed food suppliers are interested in doing so. My advice is to learn and try a plant-based diet. It will give you everything you are looking for, health, happiness and perfect body size. Please, leave the comments below about your thoughts and experiences on the topic.

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