30 Days Waist Training Challenge

Brazilian Lux Waist Trainers comes with a 30 Days Waist Training Challenge. I decided to participate in one I got with my new waist trainer and will be sharing results with you shortly. But today I will do an overview of this challenge. If you haven’t got yours please download and printed out.

30 Days Challenge – Download PDF

Now let’s get to it. I was waiting all summer for this moment to do it together with you. However, there is no such a thing as “the perfect moment” so I would recommend starting right away if you found this 30 Days Challenge. In fact, I believe there is a reason you are reading about it today or came across my videos.

On the 1st day make sure you put the date of your commitment for this 30 Days Challenge. Write also promises to you what kind of meals you are going to eat as well as your starting measurements and final goal. In your challenge, you will see 3 columns Waist Training, Healthy Eating, and Exercising. You will need to feel out them every single day to see which action you made and what progress you had.

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