Top 3 Hourglass Shape Celebrities

Having delicious curves is a huge trend right now. Some celebrities with a stunning hourglass shape body, stand at the top of this curvy-mania. I guess partially they are the reason why we so into curves and ladies all over the globe are seeking how to get their butt bigger and waist slimmer. Today, we selected The Top 3 curvy celebrities and would like to get your feedback on it. At the end of the article write your favorite celebs with the curvylishious body.

Kim Kardashian

She is of course on the pedestal of this trend in the 21st century.  Kim K has really beautiful curves which she shows off on almost all events. Even though she is quite short her body composition is very curvylicious. The hip to waist ratio was always the hipe and the topic of discussion.

Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


Keyshia Ka’oir

Keysha got its popularity just recently. She is the wife of Gucci Mane and also an owner of a beautiful hourglass shape body. I just love how her body looks in different outfits. So stunning.

Photo via


Marilyn Monroe

Even though she is not with us anymore, she still remembered for her beautiful hourglass shape body. I believe that Marilyn Monroe planted that seed of the trend having a skinny waist and bigger butt. She became a symbol of femininity and sexuality. That is why we adore her even now.

Photo via


Let me know which celebrities with hourglass shape do you like the most? I know there are lots of them I haven’t mentioned, like Beyonce, Azealia, Nicky Minaj, and etc. Also, to get such a curvylishious body is totally possible for any women. The difficulty of doing so will depend on your starting point but with enough dedication and consistency anything you wish is possible. If you need a help in achieving such curves, do not hesitate to message us.


One thought on “Top 3 Hourglass Shape Celebrities

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