Close Look at Brazilian Lux Waist Trainer

I already did first impression video and a little talk about Brazilian Lux Waist Trainers, so press here if you would like to read the article with a full review. However, today I just want to show in details our waist trainer and what will you get in the package. For a closer look, please watch the video above.

Quality Highlights

High compression, durable, 0.8 mm thick latex
Strong hooks with large clasps
Soft cotton for comfortable wear
9 flexible steel bones for back support

3 Layers of fabric:
Outer layer: 100% natural latex
Inner layer: 96% cotton, 4% spandex

Gifts To You

Since August 2018 we added gifts, which will help you to achieve the waste of your dreams faster and keep track of the results.

  • Extender – helps to make a waist trainer one size bigger in case you measure your waist incorrectly or underestimated the toughness of our latex
  • Measuring Tape – just in case you don’t have one or you need an extra so you can measure your waist training progress at your convenience
  • 30 Days Challenge – to achieve any result we need a plan so we created this challenge in order for you to get desirable waist as soon as it is physically possible
  • 24/7 Free Consultations – you can always message our team via Facebook to get free coaching or mentor. So do not hesitate to say hi and send us any question about waist trainer as well as weight loss.

We always develop our products and try to add more value to our customers. Please, feel free to add your experience in the comments below, follow us on social media and be a part of our Facebook family.


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