Waist Training During Intermittent​ Fasting

Intermittent fasting is an eating trend of 2018 which really works to burn the fat. Recently I moved my every 2 hours eating pattern to just 2 meals a day and found one more great way to use my waist trainer. A few words about intermittent fasting, the reason I decided to switch my eating to it because I find very uncomfortable, inefficient and actually harmful to eat every 2 hrs. The insulin is always spiking and the body can’t get ready to actually burn fat. It just keeps on using food which constantly been provided for energy instead of burning its own fat. I covered the details in other article and my videos.

After I removed lunch from my schedule I got more time to do something for myself but steel a feeling that I need to eat stayed there for a couple of weeks. Totally understandable since my body got used to constant eating for the most of my life. So to keep the thought of hunger I decided to wear my Brazilian Lux Waist Trainer. It helped me so much since it shrinks the stomach and removes 70% of hunger feeling. Some people do surgeries to make their stomach smaller, I use waist trainer to accomplish the similar goal. Even if you try to eat in a waist trainer, you will not be able to staff yourself as much as without it.

Another reason why it perfectly works in combination with intermittent fasting is that you have something to do. So there is movement “A yoga instead of lunch” and I created a new movement “A waist training instead of lunch”. Totally works if you are in intermittent fasting or switching to it. Try it and let me know how it worked for you.


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