How to Lose 30 kg in 1 Month?


On the weekends I love answering questions on Quora and this time I got, How I can lose 30 kg in 30 days. So since I help lots of women to lose weight I did my calculations and here what I came up with.

In 1 kg of fat is 7,000 calories, so in order to lose 30 kg of fat a person will need to have a caloric deficit of 210,000 calories. However, we assume that during our weight loss period he or she will lose 5 kg of water. So we will need to get rid of 25 kg of fat which is 175,000 calories to be burn. This will be 5,800 calories a day. The shortest way to burn the most is water fasting. The average person burns 2,000 throughout the day. Therefore, 5,800-2,000=3,800 calories to burn throughout exercising. On a high-moderate cardio person burns roughly 400 calories an hour. So to burn 3,800 we will need 9.5 hours exercising during the day. Therefore, according to the law of physics and our metabolic functions, to get rid of 30 kg of fat in 1 month, the solution will be to water fast for 30 days and exercise 10 hrs per day.

woman drinking water while standing beside her bike

As you can see, a ridiculous question lead to a ridiculous solution. I think any adequate human being can sense that such an approach will be a torcher which can lead to health problems. So if you were in the mindset of fast miracle fix, stop right there. There are no shortcuts in getting a beautiful body. Give yourself 6 months at least to have a real transformation without harming your body. All these quick fixes, quick schemes, miracle overnight ideas never lead to a sustainable result. The only way to make the road as shot as possible is to have a mentor who achieved what you are seeking for. I hope this article helped to shift your mindset, please leave your comments, stories, and suggestions down below. I always happy to read what you think about the topic and how you see it.




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