Unpacking Brazilian Lux Waist Trainer

Yesterday, I received my new waist trainer from Brazilian Lux. It is an improved version so I couldn’t wait to see it and excited to share with you. All the previous ones I have in S size, but since the new is coming with a set of gifts, I decided to go for a smaller size, XS. Plus, my sister was asking me for months to get her one, so it was another reason to place the order. Even though, after having my first waist trainers for more than 6 months and using them quite often, still looks perfect

All waist trainer from Brazilian Lux are premium quality but the company doesn’t stop giving more value to its clients and always try to exceed their expectations. Besides, the great quality of the corset now you will find some gifts in the package such as,

  1. Measuring tape – now clients can check their before and after measurements and track the improvement in between. Just in case you don’t have one, Brazilian Lux took care of it.
  2. Extender – in case clients underestimate their current waist size or failed to measure it correctly, Brazilian Lux decided to provide free extender which helps to make waist trainer one size bigger.
  3. 30 Days Challenge – this challenge is a roadmap to reach your body goals. It helps to stay on track and motivated.

If you have some questions, feel free to share it below. Also, would love to know about your waist training journey.

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