How to Lower Your Hunger & Appetite​? Secret Lifehack

Have you ever ate your food and still felt hungry? I guess all of us been there especially after vacations or a week of eating during family holidays which really happen without huge meals. These excessive overindulgences stretch your stomach and it is so hard to be back in shape. The filling of hunger force you to overeat again and again. So to get back on track, to feel less hungry and fuller much faster, I am using a waist trainer. This lifehack saved me from so many unneeded calories and weight gain in the past so I wanted to share this with my readers.

Waist trainer helps to squeeze your abdominal area and shrink your stomach. It creates a feeling and an illusion to the brain that you are staffed already. The same thing you feel when you wear tight clothes. You are more conscious about the amount you eat and feel fuller much faster. The only note, please wear a waist trainer 30 min. before you started to eat and doesn’t realize right after you had a meal, wait at least 1 hr. Also, you can wear it while you are fasting which actually what I do.

A little bit about how it perfectly fits into my daily routine… Since the 15th of July, I started doing intermittent fasting. I eat twice a day, breakfast around 8 am and dinner around 6 pm. So waist trainer helps me so much to skip lunch and feel less hungry. Instead of eating, I enjoy skinny waist and double fat burn. As a matter of fact when I started the most challenging was the first week and a waist trainer definitely helped me to successfully overcome the habit of eating three times a day with constant snaking.

People who ever tried to control or lower their weight always try various ways to suppress their appetite. Some go for low calory food, others drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or even do cocaine. So when a client tells me, that it might be unhealthy to wear a waist trainer to control hunger and amount of food a person eats. I just think about how one defends “unhealthy” because everything depends to what we compare. If we compare with smoking or consuming other drugs, then waist training is like the saint of the health. If we compare it with something like eating raw vegan and live in jungles, then maybe. So on the scale of what you can do to suppress your appetite without damaging your health, Brazilian Lux Waist Trainer is number one in the same row with a green tea. It perfectly works for me and many other our clients. In fact, recently I got an email from a  lady who said she purchased large size waist trainer and because while she is wearing it, she wanted to eat much less, after a month she is ready to downsize to medium. This is a fabulous result.

More stories and information will be covered in the following articles and YouTube video vlogs, so stay tuned and hope this information was helpful.


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