Waist Trainer Made Me Fat

Each person at some point is looking for a miracle pill which he or she can eat and get an amazing body. Today, I would like to talk about women who buy waist trainers and don’t get any results. In fact, they might even gain more fat.

So what could be the case when a person bought a waist trainer and became fatter? The answer is simple when her waist trainer is laying in closet and she is eating way more calories that the body can burn. The truth is, waist trainers don’t burn calories, this is purely a person’s job to eat right and not overindulge. A waist trainer is RESHAPING the body, I repeat, reshaping the body. So if a woman got an apple shape body by using a waist trainer daily for a couple of weeks or better months to get a sustainable result, she can get an hourglass shape. The body will redistribute fat from the abdominal area and burn extra inches due to the sauna effect. This method of using corsets to reshape a woman’s figure was around for many centuries. I believe it got its popularity from the 16th century till the present day. Before not many could afford and wear it. Now, modern corsets (or waist trainers how we call them today) became comfy and very affordable for the majority of women. So if you want to reshape and slim down your waist, then waist trainer is for you. Combining cardio + healthy diet + waist trainer = you will end up with a crazy beautiful body. However, if some women are not planning at least to eat in moderate amounts and actually wear the waist trainer constantly, they shouldn’t even bother themselves purchasing it. With such approach, no one achieved anything in life.


So waist trainer is not a miracle pill, it is a tool which can help to achieve your goals but there is also some work which has to be done. It is a shapewear, so if you also want to drop some weight all over your body then join our Facebook group where we provide free online coaching and help you to get a healthy lifestyle. Hope this article was helpful and it clarified some expectation you should and shouldn’t have by purchasing Brazilian Lux Waist Trainer or any sports equipment for that matter. Please, leave your questions below, I will be happy to answer it.



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