The Best Way to Cure Binge Eating


I feel like anybody who tried to hold a diet or do calorie restrictions faced the problem of binge eating. Not many people are aware that it is an eating disorder until it gets really scary. For somebody who never heard of it, to describe in a few words, binge eating is when you start eating like insane almost everything you see or desperately want in the enormous quantity by stuffing yourself. Then after this crazy emotional eating without thinking, you feel terrible guilt. Some people start to punish them with exercises or starvation which get them into a vicious cycle. Looking back you feel like in the moment when you binge you couldn’t really think, have no willpower and it was like a blurred picture.

The reason that I describe so well is that I been there for most of my life. Sometimes it was better, sometimes it got worth especially after constant stress. Unfortunately, we cannot avoid stress in the modern world but we can still fix binge eating. To overcome the problem I listen to all possible videos on YouTube and read lots of books on the topic. The most popular book was Binge Over Eating. Then I did Tony Robins weight loss program. All the info was great but it helped me only for a few days to a week not to binge. From all I learned in them, I remembered only one idea Tony said, learn from the best who overcome it and stayed there. So I kept searching for an answer.

I found out that the problem is, everyone tries to overcome this disorder with a willpower and it will never, never will work. To talk and persuade your brain will not help you for long. I came across some experiments about habits and willpower, and something really lighted a bulb in my head. Actually, at the moment when I was trying intermittent fasting, I discovered how to fix this problem. So here is the key to teat it. The willpower will never help you to fix it or to lose weight for that matter because willpower gets depleted throwout day. At the beginning of the day, your willpower is at the strongest that is why to resist unhealthy eating is easiest at this time. But when we get to the evening especially after having massive stress, the brain fires for all the crapy food you could possibly think about. Even if you don’t have junky staff at your house it will make you run to the nearest supermarket or call for home delivery. So the willpower will not take you through some emotional eating. To stay calm around food you will have to form a new habit and routine. Routine will take care of you in the roughest times. So you have to transfer you eating three times a day, six times, every two hours or whatever you doing right now to a totally new behavior. Eating two times a day without snaking!!! It calls intermittent fasting. You can choose your two favorite meals and stick to it forever. It is not a diet, it is a lifesaver which will help you to enjoy your food without guilt. The point is, you pick two meals, I personally do breakfast and dinner, during each one I have 1 hour of eating anything I like. You have to make sure that you get proteins, healthy fats and veggies at every meal so you have all the nutrients that you need for the day. The funny thing after you ate proper food you don’t want much cakes, candies, and chips. You can eat it but you will not feel for them much. Because your body got enough nutrients and it is not starving. Plus your eyes see two or three big plates filled with food, and in all levels, it will make your brain satisfied. Do not restrict at the amount you eat, because you will be eating twice daily, your stomach will shrink and you will get full more easily. This was the best discovery that I made, it totally removes stress from eating and just make it as pure pleasure. At any event or with your friends you can eat as much as you want and stay lean. It is really funny how this pattern of eating will actually burn your fat, make your hunger go away and allow you to eat in any restaurant without restriction. Just try it for 66 days at least and let me know.

Here is the guide to follow Intermittent Fasting,

  1. Choose two of your favorite meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
  2. Set eating window like I can have my breakfast for 1 hour anytime between 8-10 am
  3. Stick to it for 1 week and then your body will get used to it and treat it as a habit and your routine
  4. Just be strong and brave, stick to it

For more info please watch my YouTube videos. I will be covering binge eating and intermittent fasting in more details.


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