Brazilian Lux Quality Overview

Brazilian Lux differentiated themselves from the market providing excellent product quality using only premium materials for their body shaping solutions.


Brazilian Lux uses only 100% latex with a thickness of 0.8 mm. On the contrary, the majority of factories are using cheap latex which is just 0.3 or 0.5 mm. This directly affects if you will reach your goals with the product or not. In fact, when the latex is thick, you will instantly shape your waist as well as provide the sauna effect to speed up the fat loss process with every use. Every time I am using my waist trainer, the centimeters around waist melting away. However, I heard some stories of ladies who bought a cheap waist trainer and reach nowhere in terms of the result. So the quality matters in this type of product.

Inner Fabric

Besides for the inner layer we use 96% cotton and 4% spandex which provides a soft touch to the body. Our company wants to make waist trainers as comfortable as possible, so you truly enjoy wearing it throughout the day.


The other important aspect is the hooks which should be strong and durable. We use high-quality ones so it is hard to break. In other companies you might notice that they are much thinner and have a round shape, those are easy to break, plus they will keep opening all the time. Brazilian Lux hooks will never open while usage of the product and will provide the support you need. So if you are planning to invest in your waist trainer go for the best.


Last but not least, Brazilian Lux has double stitchings. Each piece was done in an exclusive way to provide a great look and high-quality waist trainers. We pay extra attention to the stitching around hooks so our products last you for a very long time. Plus, everything is soft and smooth to make your body feel comfortable.

For the full review with detailed zoom please check our YouTube channel, Brazilian Lux. Make sure you subscribe, it will be our pleasure to help you achieving your body and beauty goals.



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