Hot Pink Waist Trainer

This color is a statement to wear. It gives an amazing pop up look at the gym and extra boost to your mood. Happy girly colors just make us happy plus it is still perfect to wear under your outfits. Just make sure the outfit is not transparent. Moreover, if you love to take photos, this is the color to go for. We just love it, many big celebs already showed of their waist trainers on social media so now is your turn.

Don’t forget to tag us we would love to feature you in our blog and maybe even write about your achievements on our Brazilian Lux blog. You can be a role model to so many women out there and give them a boost to also go for it and just do it.

Here are the main features of all our waist trainers,

✔️ YOUR PERFECT WAIST TRAINER- Our product helps to shape your waistline in less than a minute and makes it slimmer after every single use. We can only imagine how gorgeous your body would look like wearing this waist trainer under your favorite outfits.

✔️ OUR QUALITY – The product has three layers of premium fabrics. We use 100% latex, which is 0.8 mm thick. Most companies use 0.3 mm, which directly affect clients’ results and durability of the product. Plus, our hooks are super strong and have extra stitching.

✔️ THE IDEAL FIT – We understand how it is important to have a waist trainer, which fits correctly. Therefore, we took time to design and create perfect sizes for different body types. Just measure your waist and check our size chart so we can deliver the right one for you.

✔️ SATISFACTION WARRANTY – Love it or we will buy it back from you, no questions asked.




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